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Now we offer stairs!

We are now producing stairs for our clients. Scandinavian Wooden Houses Ltd now offers to its clients ready made default stair designs, or we can even work with your own staircase designs (as a single purchase or lot for bigger projects). Feel free to contact us if you are interested in new stairs made by our quality carpenters and professionals.

Please visit our “Stairs” product section for designs and our work examples.

Thank you for visiting Scandinavian Wooden Houses Ltd website, we look forward working with you!

100 m² summer house offer: 35000 EUR

Special offer for 100m² summer house: 35 000 EUR full factory set EXW Sigulda Latvija!

Welcome to our site BalticWoodHouse.com!

The company working with: projects from sketches to detailed design drawings, from ideas to
finished turnkey homes. We have experience: Assembly of wooden panel – element houses and log houses.

We can produce: horse barns, garden houses, garages, chicken coops, storage sheds, gazebos, pergolas, dog kennels ect. Our company also assembles and deals with: different exterior and interior building
components such as floors, roofing, inside and outside finishing materials, terraces – decking,
windows, doors, stairs, kitchen, indoor furniture and firewood.

Our professional management and team have experience: in building industry since 2005. From
year 2005 experience in turn key projects in Norway and Latvia. From year 2008 experience in
turn key projects in Sweden as well. Form year 2010 – production unit to produce building sets
for panel and element houses and from year 2011 experience in turn key projects in France and
Spain. Today Scandinavian Wooden Houses have capacity approximately 20 turnkey houses
and 40 building completes per year, and potential factory capacity is around 80-100 building
completes (sets) per year.

Expanding in 2012, we started to build garden village in Finland.